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   Cairo University 

Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine

Pediatric & Community Dentistry Department


Curriculum of Pediatric Dentistry (Doctorate Degree)2013/2014

First part

I- Pediatric dentistry:-

 1- Acquired and developmental disturbances of teeth   and         oral structures.                                    

 2- Congenital genetic disorders and syndromes.                                                     

 3- Eruption of teeth-Local and systemic factors.

 4- Morphology, chronology and occlusion of primary teeth.                                                                                                                 5- Examination, diagnosis and treatment planning

6- Behaviour Modification of child patient.                                                                                                     

        a- Psychological approach.

             b- Pharmacological approach.

              c- Conscious sedation.

7- Local anesthesia for the child patient.

8- General anesthesia for the child patient.

9- Operative dentistry for children.

10- Dental Materials in pediatric dentistry.

11- Radiographic techniques for children.

 II- Preventive Dentistry:-

1-Caries risk assessment.

2-New strategies in competing dental caries:

          a-Dietary control.

          b- Mechanical & chemical approach for controlling dental plaque.

         c-Approaches for increasing tooth resistance.

         d-Role of fluorides in prevention of dental caries.

III- Epidemiology:-

1-Dental Epidemiology

    - Types of epidemiology

    - Samples

    - Types of studies

    - Surveys

2- Epidemiology of dental caries.