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Fourth year


  1. To educate and train students in administering local anesthesia for the different dental and oral surgery procedures
  2.  Educate the student in the basic principles of sterilization, disinfection and aseptic practice.
  3. Introduce the student to the basic principles and techniques in oral and maxillofacial Surgery
  4. Enable the student to have intellectual, clinical and problem solving skills in basic, complicated exodontia and minor oral surgical procedures based on an outpatient population.
  5. Allow students to gain clinical experience in undertaking, and recording case history, and performing the physical examination of patients requiring minor oral surgery procedures
  6. Educate the students in the principles of conscious sedation and general anesthesia.
  7. familiarize the student with the procedures most commonly provided by oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
  8. Educate students on medico-legal implications, appropriate use of professional  ethics, attitudes, communication and problem solving skills.
Aalaa Shoukry Ahmed Emara,
04‏/10‏/2013 1:11 م
Aalaa Shoukry Ahmed Emara,
04‏/10‏/2013 1:16 م