Oral pathology laboratory

Technicians receive tissue biopsies in formalin jars. Tissue specimens are processed as paraffin embedded tissue blocks.

Tissue Blocks are sectioned by the microtome  and  mounted on glass slides for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining and diagnosis.

Technicians also receive aspiration biopsies for examination

Special stains:


2- Pas


4-Immunohistochemical staining on positively charged slides

Most interesting cases in 2012/2013

Traumatic neuroma:   Female /upper lip/ since 5 years

Plasma cell myeloma:Male/63years/since 4 months/edentulous right side of the mandible causing pathological fracture


Odontogenic keratocyst:Male/22 years/intrabony from lower left second molar to lower right second molar


Diagnosis room where staff members examine and diagnose the cases

Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers are responsible for diagnosis of cases with the help of demonstrators and assistant lecturers

Each report is signed by two staff members at least.

Difficult cases are signed by at least one professors.

Representative and typical cases are taken for teaching under graduate and post graduate students.