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Biomaterials Department

The department of Biomaterials is responsible to supply the information needed for dental students in the science of dental materials. It deals with knowledge in basic science of physics, chemistry and engineering emphasizing on the why rather than how in the selection and use of dental materials and how the biological environment impacts upon them. The department supplies the appropriate educational level for under and postgraduate students in dental materials based on composition, design, optimum manipulation, recent techniques and their interaction with the human body.



The scope of the courses given by the department with different levels from undergraduate study to postgraduate specialty is:

  • Introduce the materials used in dental situations to the beginners, and to study their physical and chemical properties as  such properties are related to their proper selection and use by the dentist, Biological considerations, safety measures and environmental preservation are also areas of emphasis.


  • Provide dentists enrolling in the specialty, the concepts of detecting limitations involved and the rigid conditions imposed in the oral cavity and furtherly in the biological tissues that place requirements upon materials on excessive and unique levels.


  • Train postgraduates in the specialty to analyze and criticize, guided by proper basic knowledge, the current materials, techniques and technologies. This would bring up cooperation between the dentists and dental manufacturers to produce materials of quality in an ethical manner.



    The mission of the department is to provide students with the comprehensive and useful needed information about materials employed in the mechanical procedures included in restorative dentistry and other specialties of dentistry.

    The department supplies the students in the school of oral and dental medicine with the proper criteria of selection of materials as well as methods of use and most updated materials and technologies behind their production.

    Additionally, it provides programs for postgraduate studies that are coping with the new items and practices of dentistry. These programs focus on ways to make restorative dentistry more acceptable and serviceable to the patient and convenient for the operator. Additionally, the post graduate programs would enable their enrolled students to gain the highest professional knowledge relevant to the science of dental materials that cope with the dynamic status of the field and supplies the community with the safest and most biologically compatible use of dental materials.

    Finally, the department is entitled to supply a continuous source of professional teaching staff members in this field capable of creative designing and conducting independent scientific research

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